Vehicle Tracking Cuts Costs for Scottish Milk Supplier

Vehicle Tracking Cuts Costs for Scottish Milk Supplier | Articles | Trakm8

An Ayrshire milk delivery company has cut costs after investing in plug-and-play vehicle tracking.

Based in Largs, Mills Milk is a family-run business that has been in the dairy industry for more than a century. The firm, run by directors Adam and Alastair Mills, provides doorstep deliveries to over 5,000 homes in Ayrshire and Glasgow, as well as wholesale supplies to shops, restaurants, cafes, hotels, ice cream factories, schools, and offices all over Scotland.

The company wanted to fit vehicle tracking devices to its 20-strong fleet of refrigerated vehicles, but did not want a hard-wired solution.

Adam Mills said: “Some of our vehicles are on hire, which gives us the flexibility we need in our fleet. So while we were keen to invest in vehicle tracking, we did not want to be paying installers to fit and then uninstall tracking devices as vehicles came on or off hire.”

Mills Milk opted for Trakm8 Prime, a self-install tracking device that plugs into a vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port. There are no installation or removal fees - and vehicle downtime is kept to a minimum. The company has now installed Trakm8 Prime in all 20 LCVs, a mixture of Mercedes Sprinters and Ford Transit Connects.

“We wanted to be able to track our vehicles in real time, as it is very handy for locating the nearest driver when we are fulfilling last-minute customer orders,” added Adam. “However, we have also been impressed with Trakm8 Prime’s driver behaviour scoring. In my view, this has definitely helped us to reduce vehicle wear and tear and cut our expenditure on fuel.”

Priced from just £6.99 per vehicle, per month, Trakm8 Prime is a cost-effective fleet management tool for small and medium-sized businesses. Designed for fleets of one vehicle and upwards, Trakm8 Prime is the only vehicle tracking solution currently available that enables the customer to browse and buy online, without having to deal with a sales person.

More than just vehicle tracking, it is proven to reduce fuel consumption, by coaching drivers out of bad habits such as engine idling, aggressive acceleration and harsh braking. Its unique vehicle health alerts provide an early warning system to drivers, helping sole traders and small businesses to avoid costly breakdowns and non-starts caused by issues such as flat batteries. Trakm8 Prime’s P11D management tool also cuts down on HMRC paperwork and accountancy fees, thanks to easy separation of business and private mileage.

Trakm8 Prime is priced from just £6.99 per vehicle, per month. Driver behaviour is one of several features, which are all designed to save you time and money.

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