The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company Improves Driver Behaviour With Trakm8 Prime

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company Improves Driver Behaviour With Trakm8 Prime | Articles | Trakm8

Customer Profile

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company is a small, family-run business based in Cardiff, but covers much of South Wales and Bristol. The company has a client base made up of around 20% domestic and 80% commercial customers. They combine the use of water fed pole and traditional window cleaning, from the ground or from MEWPS, and have built our own team of Rope Access Technicians. The company currently operates a small fleet of 4 vehicles - 3 vans and a company car.

The Challenge

The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company felt that the driving habits of its employees could benefit from a little improvement as there were concerns over general driving behaviour and speeding. Having invested in brand new vehicles for all employees, the company wanted to ensure that they were being driven in a way that would look after their investment. The business’s vehicles are sign-written so it was also noted that their reputation was upheld through safe driving practices.

The Deployment

After reviewing many other tracking products, The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company was drawn to Trakm8 Prime because it offered a wide range of feature. The company required an easy-to-use system where all staff could monitor their own driving behaviour scores.

The Results

The business had installed all of their tracking devices within just 15 minutes. With Trakm8 Prime’s easy to navigate mobile app, drivers now compete against eachother to become the safest and most efficient driver in the fleet.

Having the ability to view the real-time locations of vehicles across the South Wales region allows The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company to respond rapidly to any jobs that may arise and in turn, allows the business to provide an even better service to their clients.

The Quotes

“All of our employees have noted that their driving behaviour has improved since the tracking and it serves as constant reminder that there is a need to improve their driving. In addition to the clear safety improvements driver behaviour monitoring has had on our fleet, there has been a noticeable reduction in our fuel consumption and I have no doubt wear and tear on the vehicles will be reduced.”

“Particularly important has been the aftercare service. Any questions or queries we’ve had have always been answered quickly.”

Joseph Richards, Managing Director (The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company)

“Initially the thought of my driving being tracked wasn’t really appealing. However, since having the tracker fitted I feel my driving has definitely improved. I feel more responsible to ensure that my driving is safe and courteous to other road users. I also enjoy being able to review my driving at the end of the week and see where I can make improvements.”

Emilio Evangelista, Employee (The Cardiff Window Cleaning Company)

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