Driver Scoring Helps Cut Speeding and Reduce Overheads for FMS

Driver Scoring Helps Cut Speeding and Reduce Overheads for FMS | Articles | Trakm8

Driver behaviour analysis is helping to cut instances of speeding and reduce overheads for a facilities management company.

Based in Coleshill in Warwickshire, FMS Integrated Building Services Ltd provides a comprehensive facilities management service to clients across the West Midlands. This includes mechanical and electrical services, building fabric, fire alarms and security systems, project management, and maintenance such as security, cleaning, landscaping and pest control.

The company has now fitted Trakm8 Prime to all of the nine vans used by its technicians.

Katie Morris, Helpdesk Manager for FMS, said: “We used Trakm8 Prime to compare it against RAM Tracking and found that we very much preferred the Trakm8 solution. In particular, the driver behaviour scoring has really helped our business.”

Along with providing real-time vehicle tracking, Trakm8 Prime also monitors driving style. It creates a unique scorecard for each driver and journey, based on factors such as speeding, sharp cornering, harsh acceleration and heavy braking.

“We have seen a marked decrease in incidences of speeding” added Katie. “There has also been a significant increase in the life span of the van brake pads, as our engineers are driving much more smoothly now. When we started, their driver scores probably average in the low 60s; now they are in the mid-80s.”

FMS also makes good use of the vehicle tracking functionality. “Vehicle tracking enables us to quickly verify the engineer’s time sheets, as we can see exactly when they arrived at and departed from a customer’s premises,” said Katie. “It is also extremely useful for emergency call-outs, as I can immediately locate the nearest engineer and get them to the customer as quickly as possible.”

Priced from just £6.99 per vehicle, per month, Trakm8 Prime is a cost-effective fleet management tool for small and medium-sized businesses. It combines GPS tracking with business and private mileage management as well as vehicle health alerts. It also helps SMEs boost vehicle MPG by monitoring driver behaviour KPIs such as excessive acceleration, harsh braking, sharp cornering, and engine idling.

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