Changing driver behaviour is all just fun and games

Changing driver behaviour is all just fun and games | Articles | Trakm8

The dangers of speeding need no introduction. For businesses, speeding and other erratic driving behaviours can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. Whether it be through careless accidents and scrapes or via the rate you burn through fuel, costs can soon add up if poor driving behaviour is not addressed properly.

Using vehicle tracking as a strategic approach to analysing and improving driver behaviour is a sure-fire way to extinguish cash-burning driving styles but in the first instance can be perceived by drivers as a ‘big brother’-style approach. However, this attitude usually changes quickly as drivers realise the huge effect it is having on their safety and until they see their personal contribution to their business’s achievements.

In another attempt to combat initial hesitancy from drivers, many businesses are now turning improved driving behaviour into games and competitions. With drivers obtaining overall results which incorporate individual scores for braking, acceleration, speeding, harsh cornering and RPM, it is easy to view the best, worst and most improved drivers within a particular time period. By offering prizes or rewards to the safest and most efficient employees, businesses are creating a healthy competition between staff but also reaping the benefits of reduced fuel consumption and less wear and tear on their vehicles. With prizes to be won, all of a sudden, the thought of travelling at the speed limit around seems more appealing, eh?

Below we’ve summarised some of the more popular approaches to incentivise drivers:

The cash prize

No incentive speaks louder than cold hard cash. By offering a monthly cash bonus to the most improved driver or the best performing driver, you can ensure that all members of staff are proactively competing throughout the entire month to get their hands on the loot. The savings made by reduced accident rates and lesser fuel usage should easily cover the prize money and more!

The trophy

If offering cash incentives isn’t your bag, why not invest in an office trophy and award it to the best driver every week. Everybody will want to get their hands on the silverware and by keeping tabs on of who has held the cup for the longest over a six or 12-month period, you can then offer a prize to the overall winner.

The track day

After a month of driving as safely and efficiently as possible, your employees may want to let off some steam. Reward their efforts with a track day where their driver score can go up in smoke for the day – all in a safe and controlled environment of course!

The food incentive

As Irish author and playwright, George Bernard Shaw once said: “There is no sincerer love than the love of food.” To say thanks to all of your drivers for their cooperation in improving driver behaviour, why not treat them to pizza at the end of the month? Alternatively, fetch them a hearty breakfast sandwich to start another day of safe and efficient driving!

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