Busted: 4 Vehicle Tracking Myths

Busted: 4 Vehicle Tracking Myths | Articles | Trakm8

Misconceptions about vehicle tracking are widespread among businesses and can often mean that the benefits of implementing such systems are overlooked before they are given a chance. We have compiled five common myths that surround vehicle tracking, or telematics, to dispel any untruthful preconceptions you may have.

1) Vehicle tracking has been implemented because drivers are untrustworthy

This is probably the largest misconception among business and their drivers. Businesses fear that installing tracking devices will cause a backlash from drivers and equally, drivers feel that their employers will use the system to spy on them while they are out on the road. This is simply untrue. Vehicle tracking solutions are implemented to help businesses make the most of their fuel, to improve the safety of their workforce and reap the insurance benefits that arise as a result and also to streamline the day to day running of the company. Most businesses usually find that once a telematics solution is installed, drivers actually find it useful and fun to compare their driver behaviour scores. It is also important that, as a business, all drivers are briefed on the reasons why a decision to install tracking has been made.

2) Vehicle tracking is complicated and expensive to install

Gone are the days where a tracking device, or ‘black box’, had to professionally installed by an engineer. Even if you don’t know your alternator from your fuse box, a solution like Trakm8 Prime can be installed in seconds by anybody. Trakm8 Prime uses a plug and play device which, when ordered online, is posted directly through your letterbox and then popped into your vehicle’s OBD port. Don’t sweat, if you don’t know what your OBD port is or how to locate it, our simple compatibility checker will show you exactly where it is located in your vehicle. Once the device is plugged in and you have your login to the Prime Portal, you can begin making savings straight away!

3) Vehicle tracking is only useful for large corporate fleets

Of course, most large HGV and van fleets use vehicle tracking – and with good reason! The fuel efficiency, safety and security gains are huge! The benefits of telematics have been known by large companies for years but whether a business owns thousands of vans or just a few, the premise of tracking is the same. Whether you are looking to find the nearest driver to a job, actively trying to reduce your annual fuel bill, attempting to put an end to frequent of breakdowns or bring down ever-increasing insurance premiums, there is a telematics solution for any sized business. Trakm8 Prime has been designed with small to medium-sized businesses in mind but has been built with the same outstanding quality as the solutions we provide for clients such as the AA, Scottish Power and Iceland.

4) All vehicle tracking solutions are the same but just differ in price

Cliché, perhaps, but the old saying remains true. As with any service, you get what you pay for. One of the exceptional things about Trakm8 Prime, however, is that we have streamlined our feature-rich portal for corporate fleets, removing the complicated reports for dedicated fleet managers, and created a no-nonsense vehicle tracking solution with unrivalled functionality compared with other solutions within its price range. From only £6.99 per vehicle per month, your fleet can benefit from integral features such as:

  • Live and historic journey summaries
  • Driver behaviour reporting
  • Vehicle health alerts
  • POI entry and exit alerts
  • P11D Business / private mileage reporting
  • Service, MOT and tax renewal reminders

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