Vehicle tracking: A no-brainer for the Field Service industry

Vehicle tracking: A no-brainer for the Field Service industry | Articles | Trakm8

For field service engineers and field technicians, communication between the office and driver is essential. Having access to an effective vehicle tracking system can boost communications between you and your drivers and open the doors to providing better level of customer service. We take a look at why vehicle tracking is the ideal partner for businesses with field servicing at their core.

Find your nearest drivers

Gone are the days where drivers disappear with a list of jobs for the day or calling around to find available drivers to attend an emergency. With vehicle tracking, you can have a complete overview of where each of your drivers is in real-time and ensure that multiple drivers aren’t turning up to the same job. Vehicle tracking systems like Trakm8 Prime actually go much further than providing the simple whereabouts of your drivers however. The software boasts plenty of features to ensure your field service engineers are operating at peak productivity and maximum efficiency. The Trakm8 Prime system allows you to locate your nearest driver to a job with the click of a button, meaning you can say goodbye to endless phone calls to find out who is in the area to attend the job. By sending your nearest engineer, you are also able to reduce the overall mileage covered by your fleet – reducing fuel costs by up to 15% and freeing up more time so you can undertake more jobs in the day.

Save fuel through driver behaviour monitoring

Reducing speeding and heavy-footed driving can have a huge impact on fuel economy, especially when you own more than one vehicle. Trakm8 Prime allows you to monitor fuel-thirsty driving behaviours such as heavy braking, harsh acceleration and idling with a view to gradually eliminating these traits. In addition to improving MPG, you can sit comfortably knowing that your vans are less likely to be involved in an accident and spending more time on the road doing the job they were built to do.

Keep your vehicles on the road with diagnostic alerts

Cited as the top cause of vehicle breakdown by the AA, flat or faulty batteries can prove costly for businesses with field service engineers. The Prime Portal allows you to check the battery health of your vehicles in real time and will notify you if your battery is about to fail. In addition to this, the Portal scans for diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and will offer details of problems that are likely to cause a breakdown. This way, you can schedule any necessary maintenance work at a time that is most convenient to you. Advanced notifications of vehicle faults also mean your customers don’t miss out on their service or repair as a result of a broken down vehicle.

Access handy reports and vehicle timesheets

Our vehicle tracking system also removes the hassle of collecting and filing vehicle timesheets, with accurate reports displaying start and end times, start and end locations, miles driven and more. Drivers can also toggle their business or private journeys with the click of a button, enabling simple completion of HMRC mileage returns. What’s more, all of this data is stored within the cloud and available any time so that you don’t fall short in the event of a HMRC audit. This reduces the onus on drivers to complete paperwork on jobs completed or mileage covered, and increases wrench time. Other reports include driver speeding, driver idling and breakdowns of individual journeys.

Trakm8 Prime could be the key for unlocking optimum efficiency, allowing your field service engineers to undertake more jobs per day while reducing unnecessary vehicle running costs. How much could that be worth to your business?

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