More than just vehicle tracking

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Trakm8 Prime offers you more than just vehicle tracking. From just £6.99 per vehicle per month, we can provide you with a range of user-friendly fleet management tools.

Trakm8 Prime’s easy-to-use features enable you to:

  • Reduce fuel consumption through improved driver behaviour
  • Improve security and create accurate timesheets with geofencing
  • Reduce the risk of breakdowns through advanced warning of vehicle health problems
  • Quickly create accurate HMRC mileage returns with a business/private mileage toggle
  • Find your nearest employee to a job at the click of a button

Driver behaviour

Some employees feel that monitoring drivers is a bit “Big Brother”. However, it can help keep your drivers safe, as well as playing a key role in bringing down costs. Trakm8 Prime enables you to monitor, analyse and improve driving behaviour in four key areas - excessive acceleration, speeding, heavy braking, and sharp cornering. It also monitors engine idling – fuel wasted when a vehicle is stationary but the engine is ticking over. You can view each driver’s performance rating via our app or web portal. We highlight where training would be most effective, helping you to address bad driving habits that are wasting money for your business.

With Trakm8 Prime you can:

  • Minimise fuel costs
  • Cut vehicle wear and tear
  • Reduce the risk of accidents
  • Benefit from lower insurance premiums


Geo-fencing uses GPS technology to establish digital boundaries around a real-world geographic location. For example, it is possible to set up a virtual barrier around your lock up, office or home with alerts automatically sent to your smart phone when a vehicle enters or exits the area. You can also create geographic no-go zones, and even input the times when your vehicles are not allowed inside them. It is particularly useful in helping you to avoid areas with road pricing, like the London Toxicity Charge zone. With Trakm8 Prime, fleet managers are warned when drivers are straying close to a forbidden zone; and by setting up email alerts, any potential issues are sent directly to your smartphone in real time.

Vehicle health

Trakm8 is a leader in using telematics to monitor vehicle health and communicate issues before they result in a breakdown. Our device plugs into your vehicles’ on-board diagnostics port (OBD), monitoring key elements like the condition of the battery. In turn, you can receive diagnostic trouble code alerts from the Trakm8 Prime app and web portal. Advanced warning of any issues means that you don’t have to react to problems – instead, you can proactively schedule repairs and maintenance before a breakdown occurs. In this way, you can plan vehicle down time so that it doesn’t affect you or your customers.

With our technology monitoring the health of all your vehicles, you can:

  • Reduce service down time
  • Reduce the risk of MoT failure
  • Improve safety for your drivers
  • Avoid breakdowns before they happen
  • Have full visibility of real-time battery health

P11D made simple

With just one click, Trakm8 Prime will calculate business and private mileage. It also provides you with accurate data that can be easily exported into a spreadsheet. This fantastic feature saves you hours on paperwork, while also keeping your vehicles compliant with HMRC rules on private use of company cars and vans:

  • Separates business and private mileage
  • Easily exportable data
  • Cuts paperwork and admin time
  • Provides hard evidence in case of HMRC audit
  • Historic data is easily accessed via the records store

Find your nearest vehicle

With the click of a button, you can find your nearest driver to a specific job. In the Prime Portal, simply right click anywhere on the map and type in the destination of the job your driver is required at. The nearest vehicle to that will begin to bounce on the map, saving you the hassle of calling every driver to find out their location and also reducing the amount of fuel your vehicles consume.

Made in Britain

Trakm8 Prime is designed and manufactured at our factory in Coleshill in the West Midlands. We are proud that Trakm8 Prime is “Made in Britain” and is helping small fleets like yours across the UK.

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