Getting it right: Finding the right vehicle tracking solution

Getting it right: Finding the right vehicle tracking solution | Articles | Trakm8

Vehicle tracking saves you time and money, as well as giving you peace of mind. If you’re thinking about fitting vehicle trackers, it’s important that you find the right provider to suit your needs.

Free trial

Any vehicle tracking provider worth their salt will offer give you a free trial. A 30-day free trial should give you enough time to make a decision on whether the data you can collect is beneficial to your business operations and get to grips with how easy plug and play telematics can be to install.

Value for Money

You want a vehicle tracking system that delivers a return on investment, by generating bigger savings than its monthly cost to your business. Available for £12.99 or less per vehicle per month, Trakm8 Prime is competitively priced and real value for money.

In addition to fuel savings, insurance reductions and less admin time, Trakm8 Prime is also proven to help reduce vehicle wear and tear. It also minimises the risk of road traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns and MoT failures.

More than vehicle tracking

When you’re researching the best suppliers, don’t just compare pricing. Look at what you get for your money. Trakm8 Prime is much more than vehicle tracking; we bring together the best features of expensive telematics software for large fleets and make them affordable for small businesses. For £12.99 or less per vehicle per month, you get access to vehicle tracking, geofencing, driver behaviour tools, and vehicle health diagnostics.

No-nonsense online purchasing

We understand that business owners have a lot of pressures on their time. With Trakm8 Prime, there is no need for pushy and time-consuming sales calls, just a simple-to-navigate website. Simply tell us how many vehicles you wish to track, enter a few details, and we will deliver your devices straight to your door.

Hassle-free installation

We have developed a vehicle tracking device that is both easy to install and easy to use. The size of a small matchbox, the Trakm8 Prime Device plugs straight into your vehicle’s on-board diagnostics (OBD) port. It’s extremely quick to register online, and we have produced handy tutorial videos as well as a user manual to help this process even easier. You have complete flexibility to scale up the numbers of units you use, in line with your business growth. We are confident that, once you’ve seen the benefits, you won’t ever want to take Trakm8 Prime out of your vehicles.

Easy to Use

Smaller companies don’t buy complex tracking systems with data that only be understood by a full-time fleet manager. Whether you are a building contractor, plumber or self-employed courier, we provide you with easy to interpret data about your vehicles and drivers. When you log-in via your computer or using our smartphone app, the dashboard page gives you all the headline information you need, at a glance. We can also send you an alert every time a vehicle is being used out of hours, or is about to enter a geographic zone that is off-limits.

By focusing on what really matters, you can quickly identify problems and create solutions. We don’t produce reams of reports or paperwork for its own sake. Every feature of Trakm8 Prime is designed to save you time and money.

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