Dash cams: What’s all the fuss about?

Dash cams: What’s all the fuss about? | Articles | Trakm8

Beginning as a trend in Russia, dash cams have become hugely popular in the UK. In fact, recent research from the AA suggests that dash cam ownership in the UK has risen from 1% to 15% in just four years. As well as springing up in many major vehicle retail outlets, dash cam technology has also become commonplace for business that operate vehicles.

Dash cams vary; some are used to monitor the road ahead, some are used to monitor the car behind and others are used for safety and reversing aids. One thing they all have in common is their ability to provide video evidence in the event of a collision, near miss or any other noteworthy event on the road. Many cameras now provide high definition footage as standard but others come with additional features such as GPS and G-Force sensors and automatic event detection to ensure the evidence you collect is as irrefutable as possible.

Why should I fit a dash cam?

Evidence Undeniable evidence in the event of an incident will always be the number one reason for installing dash cams; after all, this is why they were first introduced. Having detailed evidence from cameras allows insurers to easily determine fault after a collision, saving businesses hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds over the course of a year. Automotive parts supplier, Euro Car Parts, actually reduced their at-fault accident rate by 20% within their first year of installing RoadHawk cameras.

Safety Dashboard cameras are proven to increase the safety of at-work drivers. This is due to drivers being aware of the cameras presence in the cab and in turn making them subconsciously mindful of the fact that their own poor driving behaviours can be monitored if necessary. This is known as the Hawthorne Effect. RoadHawk cameras have a proven safety record, with approvals from the likes of the RHA, Volvo Cars and Transport for London.

Insurance discounts Many insurers may apply discounts to policyholders or businesses that have dashboard cameras installed. RoadHawk has partnered with many insurance companies who will automatically apply this discount, sometimes cutting annual premiums by as much as 15%. Insurers who approve RoadHawk products include Adrian Flux, Sagar Insurances, Optimum and Trade Direct. Insurance premium reductions may also be applied where businesses have demonstrated a reduction in at-fault accidents. RoadHawk customer, FPS Distribution reported a 10% decrease in their annual insurance premium after its first year of camera deployment.

Driver coaching With access to a library of footage, drivers can see real-life examples of how poor driving and decision making can cause accidents. Real-life footage, especially if it has been taken from a colleague’s camera, is much more impactful than the animations or anecdotes sometimes used in traditional driver training exercises.

How can I get hold of them for my work vehicles?

If you think a dash cam could benefit your business and drivers, RoadHawk cameras from Trakm8 Prime offers a 2-in-1 solution. Our Prime Protect subscription gives you all of the benefits of vehicle tracking with the added protection of dash cam technology. Click here to become Prime Protected today.